19 July 2016 Europe Norway Denmark
TV-Featured Ship Launched In Norway For Maersk (Video)
New documentary follows the build of series of supply vessels

(Picture: Starfish launch is covered in video below)
Maersk Supply Service has launched one of six new Starfish anchor handling tug supply vessels from Kleven Verft ship yard in Norway. Their construction is featured in a new tv series by Discovery.

Its light blue hull standing out against a background of Norway’s coastal mountains, the 4,500 tonnes of the new Starfish anchor handling vessel accelerates down the slipway at the Kleven Verft shipyard and splashes into the fjord.

Construction of Maersk Supply Service’s new ship, nearly 100 metres long, is being featured in a Discovery Communications television series that will show the Group’s energy supply chain, following Maersk experts and subcontractors as they design and build the next generation of ships, such as the Starfish vessels, tanker vessels and drilling rigs.

The series – which follows a previous one about construction of Triple-E vessels, which reached more than 34 million people – will be a 6x60’ documentary-style series with filming mainly in Denmark, Norway and South Korea, to be broadcasted in late 2016. Maersk Drilling’s Maersk Viking drillship is due to feature in another Discovery series, Mighty Ships.

The state-of-the art Starfish vessels are designed to provide customers with a reliable and efficient service in anchor handling and towing, and can also carry goods to and from offshore facilities and perform oil recovery operations. The high quality of services can help to keep assets at work in the current tough oil industry supply markets.

“The engineering is really impressive,” says Peter Oxley, Series/Executive Producer at Windfall Films, which is filming the series for Discovery Communications. “We’re dealing with massive and highly complex machines that all have something special about them.

“Another thing we find exciting as film-makers, is that on this series we’ve tried to humanise it a bit more and feature more of the people behind the stories.”
Premium service

There are several innovative features on the Starfish vessels, including an anchor recovery frame that simplifies operations over the stern roller, and a deck handling gantry crane with remotely operated clamping hand.

Insulation on the main engine and the connected system help to prevent an engine room fire and a hybrid propulsion solution allows the possibility of selecting the most optimal operating mode for the task at hand.

“The Starfish vessels are unlike any other anchor handlers currently on the market. It is a premium asset that is second to none in terms of operational reliability, on board safety and comfort and client offerings. These vessels have been developed based on how best to provide value to our customers,” says Peter Kragh Jacobsen, Head of New Buildings at Maersk Supply Service.

Powered by five medium speed engines with total output of more than 23,000 horsepower, a fuel efficient and flexible hybrid propulsion system and fixed pitch on all side thrusters, provides high reliability, good fuel economy, low emissions and excellent station keeping capabilities.

“In our new-building project with Kleven, we have carefully designed the vessel for maximum flexibility and lowest possible operational costs. Customer feed-back is positive and we believe that the vessels will play a role in enabling the industry to derive the needed gains in efficiency,” says Chief Commercial Officer of Maersk Supply Service, Søren Karas.