18 July 2016 World South America
Cruise Vessel Explodes In Peru Crew Missing
Company says vessel suffered explosion and sank on Saturday

(Picture: The Aqua Amazon)
Aqua Expeditions who run small cruise vessels on the Amazon have announced on their website that their vessel the Aqua Amazon "suffered a very serious accident, and sank" on Saturday July 16th.

The incident happened during re-fuelling operations. An explosion occured which led to the sinking of the vessel.

The company says that the investigation is ongoing and more information will be shared as it becomes available.

No passengers were onboard, said Aqua, but some of the crew have been hurt and five are declared missing.

"All efforts are being made to get a better understanding of the status of the missing crew. The entire operations team is on the ground providing logistical support with local emergency services." the company's website said.

"These are difficult times for us and we are grateful for the show of support we have received to date. Our principal focus now is on our staff and their families. "

The dramatic loss of the vessel follows only two days after one of the company's other vessels was attacked by thugs and ransacked. Such incidents are not unknown on these tourist vessels although the explosion is not linked to them.

In April of this year a similar cruise vessel operated by another company on the Amazon suffered a fire on board, killing two US tourists in their cabin.