06 July 2016 Scotland UK
Thoughts With Those Affected Today
The worst offshore disaster in the UK has left pain to this day.

(Picture: May they rest and may all affected find Peace.)
The 6th July will always be one of the most painful dates in Scotland's calendar.

On this day in 1988, 167 hard working brave men lost their lives in the most hellish way imaginable, including two from a North Sea supply vessel. We will not dwell on the whys or wherefores, or the details, instead, we simply remember that these men, with families and loved ones, never returned from work and suffered for our nation's wealth and prosperity.

The Piper Alpha disaster's pain lives on, in the hearts of those who lost their men, and in the hearts of those who survived it.

No nation should forget the debt it owes to those who work to keep it going, and all who work on the seas around this small country in oil and fishing are amongst the bravest you will find.

The dangers they face they do so without wishing special treatment, and the men who worked on Piper Alpha sought nothing but the security of returning home to feed their families.

That was denied them. But we will never forget them or those who survived this hell, and nor should we forget those who currently brave the dangers every day. Shipping Times salutes all who work in our seas and on remote installations and ships, and extends its sincerest condolences to all those affected by this painful and awful anniversary.