19/06/2016 Feature
Full Steam Ahead Shipping Times
Revamped site signals new era for website

The new look page is brighter and more informative
Welcome to the completely revamped and rejuvenated Shipping Times!

We have completely rejigged the entire machinery of the site to make it more lively, responsive and better able to handle future reporting and features that we are developing at this moment.

Our core activity is of course ships, starting with news from Scotland and the UK, and then the rest of Europe and the world.

Over time we will have all of these stories organised into easily located sections, as well as adding new categories and including reports we previously found too small to include in a vast area of white space on a screen.

With present day technology were able to add to the site with relative ease all the pieces of equipment needed to fit out this new vessel and we hope that in the weeks ahead you will find more reason to come and visit us.

Shipping Times is on the verge of a new era of reporting and delivery, and we very much look forward to seeing you aboard more and more.