03/11/2015 Scotland
VOS Grace To Be Sent To Aid Syrian Refugees
Scottish-based vessel will support rescue efforts in Mediterranean crisis

An Aberdeen-homeported vessel, the VOS Grace, is to be deployed in the Mediterranean to assist in the ongoing crisis in the Mediterranean as refugees from the Syrian conflicts flee the war torn country.

Responding in the House of Commons International Development Secretary Justine Greening told MPs:

"I can announce to the House that having been in touch with Frontex to offer further support, the UK will, as of Thursday, be deploying a new ship to help provide search and rescue facilities in the Mediterranean. We have now had that request accepted so VOS Grace will be part of that effort."

VOS Grace is a newbuild from the Fujian Southeast Shipyard, delivered to Vroon in Aberdeen only this year. She is classed for 300 survivors and is fitted with a comprehensive rescue and survivial equipment. Normally this is for her deployment on the North Sea duties.

On Thursday 4 June 2015, Aberdeen-based Vroon Offshore Service took delivery of the vessel at Fujian Southeast Shipyard (FSES) in Fuzhou, China.

VOS GRACE is a 60-m field-support vessel (FSV) and the last of four such FSVs that have been built in Fuzhou for Vroon. The vessels feature a revolutionary, wave-piercing bow shape.

She is the 30th offshore-support vessel to be delivered to Vroon by the Fujian Southeast Shipyard.