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RN Police in milestone change
New rank badges reflect change of name...

A significant milestone in the 300-year history of the Royal Navy Police has been marked with the makeover of the force's rank badges.

Following a series of high level reviews spanning the past few years, it was decided that a change should be made to the badges which also culminated in the change of name from Regulators to Royal Navy Police.

The new rank badges include the words 'RN Police' woven into the bottom of standard rank and rate slides, with shoulder flashes to be worn when in dress and tropical uniform:

"The change reflects our role today alongside our land and air counterparts," said Lieutenant Commander Mark May, Naval Provost Marshal Northern, based at HM Naval Base Clyde. "Individual rank titles will remain unchanged, but badges will be altered to incorporate a Service police identity.

"It is a strange and humbling feeling to know that you are part of this tradition and present at another milestone in the history of the branch."

The Navy Police specialisation has been around in one guise or another for over 300 years. Their role is to support operational effectiveness and delivery of military capability by the prevention, investigation and detection of crime and disciplinary offences across the Naval Service.

From their early origins as ship's marshals and corporals at the start of the 17th century, the Royal Navy Police have undergone an evolutionary change. The Master-at-Arms rate was introduced around 1699 and is still in use today, while the Ship's Police Branch was formed in 1860, only to be renamed the Regulating Branch in 1919. 1945 saw the introduction of Leading Patrolmen, before reverting back to the term Regulator in 1968.



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