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Haste Ye Back says the sign, as DARING leaves the Clyde (Photo: Gary Lucas)

HMS DARING leaves Clyde for Portsmouth
Completed warship on her way to homeport...

Daring, the first of the Royal Navy's new fleet of Type 45 Destroyers, has left the Clyde for the final time today. Following the successful completion and trialling of the ship by the BVT workforce in partnership with the Royal Navy, Daring is now ready to make her way to her home port of Portsmouth, where she will remain until she enters service at the end of the year and where she will be stationed when not on active duty.

BVT employees gathered on the quayside to wave Daring off and received cheers of thanks from the Royal Navy crew onboard. The crew were also keen to thank Glasgow for the support they have received during their time in the city, something which was expressed by the ship's Commanding Officer, Captain Paul Bennett OBE;

"On behalf of Daring's crew I want to give my heartfelt thanks to the city of Glasgow for the support we have been shown since the first sailor arrived at Scotstoun in 2006. For some, Glasgow has been their home for almost three years and it has been a great place to be stationed. The ship's company and I have been very much looking forward to the day when we would be able to take charge of Daring and begin our journey to her home port of Portsmouth and hopefully a very successful future on this magnificent ship."

BVT's Type 45 Programme Director, Angus Holt, said; "This is a fantastic day for BVT and the workforce, both here and in Portsmouth, who have played a pivotal role in creating such a tremendous ship. Daring really is the shape of things to come for the Royal Navy and it is a very proud day for everyone involved."

Christina Martin who completed her apprenticeship working on Daring said; "Daring is the ship that I learned my trade as an engineer on and while I'll miss having her on the yard it is still great to see her finally leave Glasgow and start her future with the Royal Navy. Throughout my training I was always taught that we needed to make sure that the finished product was the very best it could be. I feel we have achieved that with Daring so am very proud to have played a part in building her."

The Type 45 destroyers will be the flagships of the Royal Navy fleet once in service and will provide the backbone of the UK's naval air defences for much of the next 50 years. The fleet of ships has provided stability to the Clyde yards over recent years, developing and protecting vital skills for the UK maritime industry. Daring's departure marks the completion of her build and integration programme in Glasgow and the success which has been achieved to date by the BVT workforce. The company will continue to support Daring ships in-service throughout her lifetime.


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