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DIAMOND was launched at Govan a year ago

Polishing the Diamond
A year after her launch, fitting out progresses well...

It has been 1 year since HMS Diamond was launched onto the river Clyde and fitting her out still continues at a good pace at the BVT shipyard, Scotstoun, Glasgow. With lessons learnt from the building of HMS Daring and HMS Dauntless, progress is well on schedule.

The external appearance is taking shape with the installation of major equipments such as radars, aerials, missile launchers and the installation of the 4.5 inch gun. The internal layout is also progressing nicely with the Operations Room fully fitted out and a large proportion of equipment that support weapon and sensor systems are also in place. The propulsion machinery and integral systems are nearing completion. The diesel generators have been run and load trialled, and the WR21 gas turbines are planned to be run in early 2009, culminating in a Basin Trial at Easter.

Installation of the auxiliary equipment is now the main focus, with most of the shipbuilder’s efforts currently on the vast amount of wiring, cabling and optical fibre that goes into a Type 45 Destroyer.

The arrival of the HMS Diamond’s first tranche of crew is well underway, and will reach 14 by the end of 2008. The next milestone for the ship will be her first set of sea trails planned for autumn 2009. The time leading up to this will be the opportune time for the new crew to engage with the HMS Diamond’s affiliates.

Source: RN



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