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DAUNTLESS pays visit to Clyde base (Photo RN)

Clyde base gets Type 45 visitor
DAUNTLESS calls on naval base whilst on trials...

Type 45 Destroyer, HMS Dauntless, recently paid her first visit to HM Naval Base Clyde.

The vessel, which is currently undergoing contractor trials, berthed at the base on Thursday, December 4, to be loaded with ammunition.

With Glen Mallen jetty occupied by RFA Fort Austin, the ship had to look for an alternative ammunitioning venue and HM Naval Base Clyde was ideal.

Base departments came together to show the meaning of teamwork, as staff from the Jetty Management Group, Queens Harbour Master, Weapon Handling Party, Babcock Marine, Clyde Logistics Organisation and Serco Denholm pulled out all the stops to successfully load 4.5 and 30mm ammunition onto the sleek new Destroyer.

The work was conducted under the aegis of Naval Authority Explosives who gave approval to conduct the loading of the ammunition in several stages.

HMS Dauntless left Faslane on the same day, sailing to Benbecula range in the Western Isles to conduct her first firing.

The arrival of the ship proved a useful and timely exercise for the base in the handling of Warships In Harbour and showed that staff were ready to react to short notice and infrequently conducted activities.

Source: RN



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