06 July 2016 UK
Clarksons Shares Sink Lower
Shipbrokers downwards trend moves sharply lower today

(Picture: Clarksons shares have fallen dramatically since 1st July)
Shares in Clarksons plummeted again today, continuing a depressing trend for the world's leading shipbroker.

My mid-morning they had fallen 7.3%, giving Clarksons an unwelcome listing in the top ten fallers on the LSE.

Over the past few days the company has taken a battering, and especially after they issued a worrying profit warning only recently, saying the outlook was bleak for the foreseeable future, citing global conditions and downturns in newbuilding negatively affecting their workload.

"Whilst recent strengthening of the US dollar against sterling, if sustained, will offer some limited enhancement to reported profits, the board nevertheless now anticipates profits for 2016 will be materially lower than the full year 2015." the company had reported on 4th July.

On 1st July Clarksons shares stood at 2210p, today that has fallen to 1660p.